Knowledge management and healthcare and social welfare indicators

To achieve the objectives of the health and social services reform, decisions based on knowledge and information must be made when planning the services and making decisions. Information is needed for steering at the national and county level, between service organisers and service providers, and between clients and services providers. Information is collected on topics such as the costs and impact of healthcare and social welfare. Information can be used to assess how well the objectives of the health and social services reform have been met.

The health and social services reform requires an extensive reform in the production of information. There is a need for new production of information nationwide in areas such as the freedom of choice, the quality of services and the information related to patient and client safety. 

The county needs indicators for the planning and management of its activities. Service providers must produce information for the counties on, for example, the number of clients using their services, waiting times and the costs of the services.
As part of the health and social services reform, a uniform performance measurement framework and indicators are being prepared for assessing the welfare and service needs of the population and for monitoring the quality, impact, costs and efficiency of the services. The preparation is carried out by the Impact and cost data group (link in Finnish).

The central actors in the collection of national health and social services data include the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Statistics Finland, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA) and the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira). Counties can continue to use THL's statistical databases and indicators online also in future. THL has set responding to the requests for information from people engaged in preparing the health and social services reform in the counties as a priority. THL develops the knowledge base required for the reform in cooperation with the counties, and monitors and assesses health and social services in the counties. Cooperation space

Also supervisory authorities will in future need information from the new counties. For example, Valvira needs information widely on matters such as places of business, staffing levels, job satisfaction among personnel, client satisfaction, access to care and time limits of decisions.  

Draft of the KUVA performance measurement framework for health and social services

The action group of the Impact and cost information data group (KUVA-TPA) has prepared a draft of the performance measurement framework. The framework is intended to be used at the national level in the steering of the counties. The most recent image of the draft performance measurement framework approved by the KUVA-TPA group is always available on the website. In addition to the preparation of the list of indicators, numerical values from the indicators are produced and made available. Many of the indicators in the list can be examined in the Sotkanet statistical database where they have been grouped according to the regional division presented in government proposal HE 15/2017 and can be retrieved according to the KUVA performance measurement framework.

A simulation exercise on the steering of the counties was launched under the guidance of the Ministry of Finance in February 2018. In connection with this exercise, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health also practices its role in cooperation with the counties. In the exercise, negotiations are conducted with all counties. The data formed using the KUVA indicators is used as background material for the negotiations. At the same time, the functioning of the performance measurement framework as part of the steering process is tested.

It is possible to give feedback on the draft performance measurement framework to the KUVA-TPA group to support further preparation work. Guidelines for giving feedback, additional information, images of the framework and a link to the framework data published in Sotkanet can be found on THL's website.

Address for sending feedback: [email protected]

The contact person in matters related to the KUVA performance reference framework is Päivi Hämäläinen (paivi.m.hamalainen(at)

The overall architecture of secure utilisation of health and social services data

The architecture description document and the presentation material of the last workshop have been used to compile background material for this document in Innovillage. Innovillage workspace (in Finnish)


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