Supervision of health and social services

The supervision of health and social services will be harmonised. The requirements and supervision of public and private service provision currently differ in parts. In the future, the same act will apply to all service providers.

The significance of proactive supervision will be emphasised even more than before. Self-supervision carried out by operating unit is the primary form of supervision. The supervisory authority will support, promote and verify the self-supervision of operating units and use the means of ex-post supervision to intervene when the self-supervision is found insufficient.

The act on the provision of health and social services would lay down provisions on the supervision of health and social services. The current tasks of municipalities related to authorisation and enforcement procedures would be abolished. 

The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) supervises the healthcare and social welfare operations and grants licences in the administrative branch. Valvira also supervises the appropriateness of alcohol business and environmental healthcare.

In the future, the state's licensing, steering and supervision tasks managed in the state's regional government and central government will be arranged by the National Supervisory Authority (Luova) with regional units. The change will clarify the entity of the supervision of health and social services.