Property arrangements in the reform

The objectives set for the health and social services reform must also be realised in property-related solutions. Among the objectives of the reform as a whole are that, in the long term, growth of public sector costs will be curbed by EUR 3 billion and that the reform will contribute to closing the sustainability gap. Property-related solutions will not jeopardise the municipalities’ capacity to discharge their remaining duties successfully.

Under the draft law, the property required by a county in its duties will be ensured for the county’s use partly by property transfers and partly by leasing. Under the proposal, the statutory joint municipal authorities will be transferred with their assets and liabilities to the counties. The buildings of the municipalities and voluntary joint municipal authorities will not be transferred; the counties will lease facilities in accordance with a joint lease agreement template. During the transition period, a county will lease all facilities used by activities falling with its responsibility to organise. After the transition period, a county will assess its need for facilities.

Municipalities’ movable property will be transferred to the counties

The municipalities’ movable property related to activities falling within the counties’ responsibility to organise will be transferred to the counties. Further preparation of the reform will identify the number of facilities that may be underused in the future and will explore means by which the impact of unused facilities on local government finances will be alleviated.

A joint professional real-estate company providing facilities services will be established for the counties. This will ensure the provision of facilities that support activities, an effective service network and a good utilisation rate of facilities. Facilities services will have expertise in special facilities planning, financing and investment, so that facilities will support activities and take into account future needs, for example new care technologies and digitalisation. (see Service centres)


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