Home care and informal care: equal services everywhere in Finland 

The population is ageing and the need for individually tailored services is growing.

In connection with the regional government, health and social services reform, it will be ensured that equal support and services to meet the service needs of all older persons will be available everywhere in Finland.

A cross-cutting theme of the reform of home and informal care is digitalisation and the new alternatives generated as a result, including e-services and remote services, knowledge management and increasing the involvement of the population.

Utilising client and service counselling

All counties are currently preparing a coordinated service package for older people, part of which will comprise case and service management for the elderly. This will make it possible to guide older people to appropriate and harmonised services.

The purpose of the harmonised service package is to support older people with living at home. Developing new kinds of services delivered at home, in addition to home care, is of primary importance.

Client and service coordination is currently developed in Pirkanmaa, Kymenlaakso and Southwest Finland.   The operating models gathered in the trials are spread for utilisation in other counties.

Functional home care

Living at home is facilitated by 24-hour home care services delivered at home, operating models for sudden and acute situations and rehabilitative activities that maintain functional capacity.

Functional home care is tested in North Karelia, Lapland and Central Finland.

Services for informal and family carers

In the future, informal and family carers will also be provided with tailored services.
Models for strengthening informal care families and family care are currently introduced in South Savo:

The harmonisation of housing, care and services

New kinds of housing and service solutions are created in the 'Supplementing services to make them workable' project: For example an age-friendly, communal and accessible housing area for older people is constructed in Porvoo.


Anja Noro, Project Manager, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, tel. +358 295 163 006, [email protected]