Total health and social services expenditure

In 2013, total expenditure on health and social services was estimated to be EUR 25.8 billion. Of this expenditure, health services accounted for 64%, social services 25% and care of the elderly 11% (source: National Institute for Health and Welfare).

Public health and social services are funded by the central government, municipalities, households, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, employers and private insurance companies. The public sector provides around 80% of total funding. In 2014, the municipalities spent approximately EUR 2,888 per resident on organising health and social services. Municipalities’ expenditure, calculated per resident, can be over 2.5 times higher for some municipalities compared with others.

Households’ share of public healthcare expenditure is significantly greater in Finland than in EU countries on average. This is mostly due to high patient co-payments for medicines and oral healthcare.