Reform of the Act on client fees

The Finnish legislation on social and health care client fees is undergoing a reform. The reform aims at a clearer Act on client fees that corresponds to the new types of service and takes into account the requirements of the health and social services reform and regulations. 

The client fee policy must support the integration of healthcare and social welfare and the objectives of preventing problems as well as strengthen the personal responsibility of clients. The fees must be in balance with the service delivered and the client's ability to pay. The client fees may not be subject to unreasonable increases.

Premises for the reform

  • Client fees will be as equal and reasonable as possible and they will not prevent people from using services.
  • Client fees will also be used for steering service users.
  • The grounds for client fees will be laid down in full in the Act.

The aim is to submit the related government proposal to Parliament in autumn 2018.


Marjo Kekki, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, tel. +358  29 516 3675