Vimana Oy and SoteDigi Oy

Through the establishment of national service centres, an effort will be made to introduce uniform service processes and practices as well as to achieve operative efficiency and economies of scale, the benefits of which will be manifested as lower total costs and savings from increased efficiency.

Vimana Oy and SoteDigi Oy will lay the foundation for the counties’ capabilities and produce solutions aiming for the interoperability of the ICT infrastructure, common information systems and connections to national information systems (e.g. for them. This will include enabling information flows between social and health care information systems, thus making possible the national implementation of information integration and tools for management by information for service organisers in the counties. This work will be carried out together with the counties and national actors (including the ministries, Kela, the National Institute for Health and Welfare, the Population Registration Centre).

The ICT service centres were established in summer 2017, and in the initial phase, capital injections from the central government will provide the companies with the resources they need. Common solutions critical for the launching of the counties’ operations are being implemented or planned. The contents and launch of the services are being prepared together with the counties and central government actors, for instance in joint planning projects and the service centres’ client advisory bodies.

SoteDigi Oy and Vimana Oy will be steered and developed under ownership and strategic steering as one of the public administration’s corporate service packages. The companies will work closely together and in dialogue with the counties’ preparation organisations. Client advisory bodies will participate in the development of both companies.

Vimana Oy’s tasks include commissioning the technical environment for systems and applications developed by SoteDigi Oy, maintaining this environment and offering hosting services in cooperation with its network of partners.     

Vimana Oy also has a strong role in procurements and competitive tendering processes associated with developing future common services and systems through SoteDigi Oy, as the solutions developed by SoteDigi Oy must lend themselves to commissioning in all counties, and they must also be compatible with the counties’ basic infrastructure solutions. Consequently, it is likely that Vimana Oy will also assume the role of an integrator in some form.

Further information:

  • Managing Director of Vimana Oy Kalle Toivonen, kalle.toivonen(at)
  • Managing Director of SoteDigi Oy Harri Hyvönen, harri.hyvonen(a)