Digital transformation programme

The Government has adopted the strategies for implementing the digitalisation of government and public services and the related ICT operations in the healthcare and social welfare and local government reforms.

In the futures counties will be one of the most significant providers of public digital services. The customers will be all those living in Finland and the majority of companies. This is why the digitalisation of the government and public services must be implemented as a single service platform. The aim is to promote the activities of residents, companies and communities and create the conditions for growth of business.

To achieve this, a service ecosystem composed of several layers will be created that combines the information systems and processes of different actors and enables smooth transfer of information.

In the future public healthcare and social welfare service provision there would be 2 or 3 nationally available patient and customer information systems as part of the service ecosystem. The systems support and improve the healthcare and social welfare operations as widely as possible.

Digitalisation implemented via a transformation programme

The measures will be compiled into a single transformation programme to be funded as a single entity. The transformation programme serves as the basis for the implementation, both nationally and in the counties. The aim is to implement a service ecosystem of several actors and layers as cost-efficiently as possible, in line with the objective.

More information on the principles and strategies of the digital transformation are presented in the annexed reports and presentations.



Minna Saario, Head of Unit, Director, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and Ministry of Finance, tel. +358 295 163 146