No changes to the client's data protection from the current situation

The client-specific data managed by the authorities is protected in multiple ways. The EU's General Data Protection Regulation and national legislation lay down provisions on its use.  The authorities must comply with data protection legislation, and this requirement also applies to all companies and organisations providing health and social services.

Under law, the client data processed in healthcare and social welfare is confidential. The data of a client may only be used by the professionals participating in the person's care. The client will always have the right to verify who has accessed his or her data.

Utilising client data for research, statistics, planning duties by the authorities or other similar statutory purpose is considered utilisation of client data for uses other than the initial purposes.  The authorities are entitled to do so within the limits of the legislation.

According to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, an individual is entitled to be informed of the recipients to whom the personal data have been disclosed when the disclosure occurs at the level of individuals. Therefore, the resident of a county would have the right to verify how client data is used, for instance, in calculating the client-specific compensation of a health and social services centre.

In general, people have the right to verify what data have been collected of them in a public register. For example, the patient data of all Finns have been filed in the Kanta archive for health information, where data are transmitted from the client data systems of service providers.

Everyone can personally verify what data have been recorded in the Kanta archive by logging in with their bank identifier code. This website includes further information about the contents of the archive. Beginning in autumn 2018, social welfare client data will also be stored in the Kanta service.

Kela also has many registers, such as data on prescribed medication and their reimbursement, and the paid social security benefits.

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