Responsibilities and duties 


The county must organise its information management functions so that they can assume responsibility for organising ICT services for the county, carrying through the change and ensuring enterprise architecture management during the transition phase, taking the service centre’s tasks and services into account. 

Each county’s preparation organisation is responsible for the design and organisation of information management and ICT services for the future county as well as for implementing the transition. The preparation organisation in each county will decide how ICT services will be organised based on existing structures, contracts and providers.  

National actors

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for steering and developing public information management and information policy. A joint government steering function will be established within the Ministry of Finance to oversee the counties’ digitalisation and information management and the related investments.

The information systems and information policy associated with health and social care as well as well-being and health promotion are a crucial element of the counties’ information management and digitalisation as a whole and the services for citizens. Any matters relevant to social and health care are prepared by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health for the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will also see to the implementation and evaluation of the harmonisation policy as regards sector-specific information systems, information policy and information management in the counties’ health and social services. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will also be responsible for steering the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) and the National Institute for Health and Welfare in line with the information policy.

The ministry in each branch of administration will participate in preparing proposals for measures as well as in monitoring and evaluation, especially in the context of sector-specific ICT solutions in their branch.

Vimana Oy and SoteDigi Oy

The key task of Vimana Oy is to develop and organise ICT infrastructure services that promote digitalisation and information system interoperability, non-sectoral and sector-specific system services, and ICT expert services for their customers.

SoteDigi Oy is responsible for implementing projects and procurements associated with the new digital social and health care solutions to be developed at the national level and for development that supports them. SoteDigi Oy operates within the framework of the harmonisation policy as well as the enterprise architecture of social and health care services and the counties by assignment of the Government or by commission of the Government or the counties.