Goals and timeline

The goal of the regional government, health and social services reform is to offer people more equal services, reduce well-being and health gaps and curb the increase in costs. Basic services will be improved, and digital services will be used better. The objectives of the reform include making significant progress in bridging the public economy sustainability gap.  

The digital transformation programme focuses on making progress in the following areas, in particular: 

  • A streamlined service and work environment.  
  • Curbing the growth in costs.  
  • Information systems that support the steering of services and thus reduce differences in access to services between regions and population groups.  
  • Two new companies, Vimana Oy and SoteDigi Oy, will implement modern national ICT solutions and development services for the counties; SoteDigi Oy will be responsible for the development and Vimana Oy for the provision of national digital services.

The regional government, health and social services reform will enter into force on 1 January 2021.