Service voucher experiments

The Government proposes to expand clients’ freedom of choice in health and social services. The ongoing service voucher experiments (also known as freedom of choice experiments) will produce information for the preparation of the new freedom of choice model.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health launched a service voucher experiment as part of the Government key project ‘Services responsive to customer needs’. The experiment will examine the effects of clients’ freedom of choice on access to health and social services and their quality. The cities and regions currently participating in the service voucher experiment are Hämeenlinna, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Keski-Uusimaa and Ylä-Savo.

Service voucher experiments to be expanded

The Government has decided that the some of the appropriations assigned for the freedom of choice pilot projects will be instead used to expand the service voucher experiments in 2017–2018. The expanded service voucher pilot projects and new pilot projects will go on from 1 December 2017 till 31 December 2018.  Service voucher pilots can even continue in 2019 in a manner to be specified later.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has started a process where regions can apply for discretionary government transfers in order to expand their pilots. Even new regions can apply for a service voucher pilot project. Detailed application instructions can be viewed (in Finnish and Swedish) at

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