Conditions for a special solution in health and social services in the capital region do not exist

1.10.2016 16.30
Press release

The Government has concluded that in practice the conditions for a special solution concerning health and social services proposed by the cities in the capital regions do not exist. The Government considers that, from the perspective of the equal access to health and social services to everyone referred to in section 19 of the Constitution of Finland, there are no sufficient grounds for a special solution as proposed by the cities.

The Government announces that it is prepared to negotiate with the cities in the capital region on a possible special solution concerning the organisation of growth services in the region. Growth services include the current employment and economic development services and services relating to integration and immigrants. The topics to be discussed in the negotiations may include research and development activities in support of growth services and promoting the viability and competitiveness of the cities. The proceedings concerning land use, housing and transportation (MAL proceedings) may also be dealt with together with the county-level actors in Uusimaa. Questions relating to the financing of investments necessary to secure the conditions for the growing population and economic growth may also be examined in this context.

The capital region is in a key position with regard to the growth of the national economy and employment. There are also more people with an immigrant background than in the other parts of the country. The housing and land use issues in the area impact on the development prospects of the whole national economy. This is why a solution that is based on regional cooperation is needed for the capital region to promote growth, competitiveness, innovation actions, employment and integration of immigrants.

Background of the proposal for a special solution

The Government decided on 5 April 2016 that it is prepared to evaluate the joint proposal that was to be submitted by the cities in the capital region (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen) concerning a special solution that takes account of the special features of the region. The cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen submitted a proposal to the Government according to which a separate region governed by special legislation should be established for the capital region, prepared by the mayors of the cities on 26 August 2016.


Tuomas Pöysti, Under-Secretary of State, Project Manager of the health and social services and local government reforms, tel. +358 2951 63012, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health/Ministry of Finance.